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We all have a 1 in 3 chance of being disabled before retirement. Only 17% of Disabled are born with a disability, the rest acquire theirs. The ABLE channel content is about the human condition and about genuine compassion for others. Our content helps viewers transcend difficulty, empowers optimism, & activates involvement with loved ones.

<h4>Jerry Levin</h4>
<p>Vice Chairman Office of the President</p>

Jerry Levin

Vice Chairman Office of the President

Our Community

We are sociable

We connect people to relatable information from experts, thought leaders, and other strivers on similar journeys who share their personal learnings, insights and strength.

Our Community

Inspiration: We Are LovABLE.

Our Health

We are healable

We share stories of innovation from pioneers advancing medicine, science and our understanding of nature creating momentum for solutions that have the power to improve quality of life for us all.

Our Health

Innovation: We Are MemorABLE

Our Spirit

We are indomitable

Since ADA was passed 28 years ago, there has been only a 1% increase in employment for the Able Community. The way that changes is to raise awareness. We are a wellspring for stories of inspiration that exalt our population. Authentic stories about real people who’s spirit, strength, and advocacy provide hope and courage as together we face our shared inevitabilities. These stories provide reassurance and affirmation of our common humanity and common destiny and calls us to action.

Our Spirit

Information: We Are CapABLE

Our Content

We create, distribute and stream socially transformative content, helping bring together a global community focused on health and wellness, disability and lifelong health concerns.

Our Content

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If you are passionate about helping to transform our shared human frailties into a common bond for caring, education, and inspiration, please join us as part of the ABLE team.

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