Able Channel at The Emmy® Awards

October 30, 2023

We did not win the Emmy Award Saturday night. So here is the speech I would have given–as it is still relevant with or without the golden statue. – CEO Brian McCourt

“We at Able Channel are grateful for this recognition given by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. “Together We are Able” was the joy of my career to be a part of –as it features the stories of 10 amazing people living with disabilities; including my own son Cameron; who inspired me to start Able Channel.

This program needs to be seen, heard and understood; just like the 1.3 billion human beings living with disabilities do. This honor really belongs to them, as they are the real heroes of our culture and of our perfectly imperfect families, schools and businesses. Hearing their stories proves that we are all ABLE to live productive lives and to make meaningful contributions to society and that this massive population needs to be seriously considered as part of every company’s hiring plan.

Here are some important stats to keep in mind about disability and why it should be all of our concern. Imagine that 1 in 3 Americans will be disabled before retirement. Now you’re listening. 17% of people with a disability are born with it; that means 83% acquire one. It’s the largest minority on the planet and the only minority you can join after birth. It’s been 30 years since ADA was passed yet there has been only a 1% increase in the hiring of people living with disabilities; this has to change. So let’s change it.

If your company needs people who are IndomitAble, ReliAble, and ValueAble

then you need Able people in your company and culture; they come with heart, soul and talent beyond compare.

Watch this show and learn what I learned, society’s disability is our ignorance.

Now cue the music…

Free to watch at

Special thanks to Debra Ruh, Deborah Dagit Cameron McCourt Albert J. Rizzi Greg Prinkey Maureen Schafer Linda Tarplin Greg Dyra Paul A. Kelly John D. Kemp The Able Channel StartUp Health Ziegler Laurel Rossi Creative Spirit US Mallory Weggemann Jeremy Snyder Digger O’Brien John R. Crittenden, CAIA Richard Traum

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