Emmy Nominated Able Channel Takes Center Stage at HLTH Conference in Las Vegas, Unveils Exciting 2024 Programming Slate.

October 19, 2023

Left to right: Steven Krein, Brian McCourt, Bari Krein, Dr. Toby Cosgrove, Unity Stoakes

Las Vegas, NV – October 19, 2023

Able Channel, the renowned direct-to-consumer and patient streaming service, created a buzz at the HLTH Conference held in Las Vegas last week. The event served as the ideal platform for Able Channel to announce its upcoming programming, set to debut in 2024, featuring leading healthcare providers such as Cleveland Clinic among others.

Brian McCourt, CEO of Able Channel, articulated the platform’s vision by stating, “Able is all about health literacy and edutainment—half our population has a chronic health condition and/or disability. People want credible information and hope as it relates to their health and lives. Able believes telling stories helps people learn, grow, and connect.”

At the HLTH Conference, Able Channel showcased its innovative approach to healthcare content, emphasizing the power of storytelling to educate and inspire viewers. Attendees were treated to a sneak peek of the upcoming 2024 programming, which will feature leading healthcare providers and experts, offering a unique blend of healthcare information entertainment, and hope.

Able Channel has been making waves in the streaming industry, earning an Emmy nomination for its exceptional content. It is available on popular streaming platforms, including AppleTV, ROKU, and Amazon Fire, making it easily accessible to a wide audience.

Able was nominated for an Emmy Award for DE&I for its program “Together We Are Able which featured 10 stories of people living and working with disabilities. The program can be seen for free on Able Channel and on mobile at https://www.preview.ablechannel.com/together-we-are-able2

For more information about Able Channel and its groundbreaking content, please visit http://www.theablechannel.com.

About Able Channel:

Able Channel is a leading direct-to-consumer and patient streaming service dedicated to promoting health literacy through edutainment. With a mission to provide credible information and hope to individuals facing chronic health conditions and disabilities, Able Channel leverages storytelling to help people learn, grow, and connect. The platform is Emmy-nominated and available on AppleTV, ROKU, and Amazon Fire. For more information,

For media inquiries, contact:
Paul Goggin
The Able Channel
347-354-2359 ext. 0001

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