May 14, 2024

Date: May 14, 2024 Washington, DC – Able Channel is proud to announce that its groundbreaking series “Surviving Suicide: Stories of Help and Hope” has been nominated for an Emmy® Award in the category of Societal Concerns – Long Form Content. The nomination comes from the prestigious Capital Emmy® Awards, presented by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, recognizing outstanding television programming in the Washington DC Region of the United States.

“Surviving Suicide” is a compelling and compassionate exploration of the deeply personal stories of individuals affected by suicide, offering perspectives of both survivors and those who have lost loved ones to suicide. Through intimate interviews and powerful narratives, the series sheds light on the complexities of mental health struggles, the stigma surrounding suicide, and the vital importance of support and resources for those in crisis.

“We are immensely honored and humbled by this nomination,” said Brian McCourt Executive Producer of “Surviving Suicide.” “The credit for this series really goes to the courageous people like Cliff Bauman and the others who shared their most painful moments in their lives in order to help others, and to see them recognized in this way is truly gratifying. Our hope is that ‘Surviving Suicide’ continues to spark important conversations about mental health and suicide prevention, fostering empathy, understanding, and ultimately, hope.” Additional thanks goes out to the behavioral health team at Cleveland Clinic for their clinical point of view and guidance for the viewer.

The Capital Emmy® Awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on June 22, 2024, where winners will be announced among industry peers, esteemed journalists, and television professionals. This nomination reflects not only the quality and impact of “Surviving Suicide,” but also Able Channel’s commitment to producing meaningful content that resonates with audiences and addresses critical societal issues. This is Able’s second Emmy® Nomination, having been nominated previously for “Together We Are Able.”

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